My art begins where names end.

I have created my own center to look at reality as deeply as possible.

All my works generate from this center.  Each of my works manifests itself as a proper response in relationship to this center.

This center is my name.

When I understood how my name represents a generation who lost their cultural identity,

How my ancestors changed their traditional names and converted their religion to be recognized as humans in society,

How political or religious ideas can kill the beauty of cultural and linguistic pluralism,

Art transformed my name into a symbol.

A symbol which represents the question, “Where am I?”

This question separated my name from myself, and words from feelings.

From this chaos, I found my path to re-establish the bonds that tie me to the universe.

This path led me naturally to the core questions of our society and how it is transforming me by living in it.

I am using images and concepts like a seer naming objects for the first time, to see things as they are without names, by the heart and through the art, and to stamp upon them an auspicious seal of what has been experienced.

The origin of words, the process of naming things, that is what’s giving direction to my art.

This gives a balance between subjective and objective while creating.

I have realized that my name is my home. From there, I am looking at the self and expressing myself in as many ways as possible.

Living in this home is a journey through the middle: between life and death, East and West, relative and absolute.

My works are manuscripts which document the drama of life, while trying to express and mediate an ecological consciousness.

Born: 1973, Kerala, India
Art Education: 1999 –College of Fine Arts,
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.

A Homage to the Black Square (2009)
40 X 40 cm, Acrylic on Canvas