My art begins where names end

Where a name ends, a new journey begins.
Each journey ends with a creation

Born in India, my name is Alennott. From my childhood, I’ve questioned the significance of my non-Indian name.

Through art, I found a voice to articulate the complexities of my identity, the struggles of my ancestors, and the challenges of my generation. It’s through art that I reclaim my cultural heritage, honor my roots, and confront the forces that seek to erase diversity and impose homogeneity.

To live in this world together we need a center to connect everywhere. We must stay in this center and disseminate everywhere. 

This center which expands everywhere is the truth.

My art is the way towards this truth.

Art transformed my name into a potent symbol, one that echoes the eternal question, ‘Where am I?’ This question became a gateway to the realm of feeling, a profound exploration of identity and belonging.

In the  “Black Square ”of Malevich, I discovered the realm of feeling and the void—a pivotal moment that spurred me to create my own center, a sanctuary to explore reality’s depths.

This center is my name—Alennott—a symbolic representation guiding my journey to re-establish the bond that ties with names and forms while breaking the boundaries between self and other.

Each of my works manifests itself as a proper response in relationship to this center.

Symbols possess an inherent power, stemming from their essence, to re-examine the foundational ideals of our contemporary world. Through this exploration, they transcend boundaries, shaping a cultural landscape where they stand at the very center.

‘Alennott’ is not just a name; it’s my home, a symbol—an epicenter for traversing the continuum between relative and absolute, East and West, life and death.

Through my works, I offer manuscripts documenting the intricate dramas of life and nature, striving to articulate and navigate an ecological consciousness. »

A Homage to the Black Square (2009)
40 x 40 cm, Acrylic on Canvas



Exhibition in France

Les Jardins d’Alennott, Galerie Christophe Demarez, Giverny


Exhibition in France

Leela, Maison de l’International, Grenoble


Exhibitions in France

White Nights, Villa Gaspari Ramelli, Corsice, France
Patience,  Clos des Capucins, Meylan


Exhibitions in France

Tour de France, Galerie du Sappey en Chartreuse
Maya, Office du Tourisme de Lans-en-Vercors


Exhibitions in France

8th December, Clos des Capucins, Meylan, France
Poornima,  Maison de l’International, Grenoble


Exhibitions in France & India

Eté Indien, Musée de la mémoire du Royans, Rochecinard
Jai Guru, Alliance Française, Trivandrum, Kerala


Exhibitions in France

Exhibition and performance with musicians, Café des Arts Isère
Alennott – Galerie du Sappey en Chartreuse


Exhibitions in India

Sacred Roots, Durbar Hall, Cochin Kerala
Raam Naam Satya Hey, Lane 11 Gallery, Benares, Uttar Pradesh
Kali – Site specific, Lane 11 Gallery, Benares, Uttar Pradesh


Seventh Rock
Site specific, Christ the King Church, Chembur, Kerala


Exhibitions in India

Kashi Art Gallery, Fort Cochin, Kerala


Exhibitions in India

Hommage to Malevich – Roerich Art Gallery, Naggar, Himachal Pradesh
Exhibition of Paintings – Roerich Art Gallery, Naggar, Himachal Pradesh
Confession – Site Specific, Christ the King Church, Chembur, Kerala


Exhibition in India

Earth and me, Draavidia Art Gallery, Fort Cochin, Kerala


Art Education
College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India


Born in Kerala, India

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